Shadowboxing chords with lyrics by Julien Baker - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Julien Baker – Shadowboxing chords

F#m A D Bm

[Verse 1]
F#m A DBorn cutting teeth on the curb
F#m A D BmSummoning ghosts up from the concrete
F#m A D BmKeep me company while I learn
F#m AShadowboxing with giants
D BmGrew from our feet
[Verse 2]
F#m A DI know that you don't understand
F#m A D'Cause you don't believe what you don't see
Bm F#m A D BmWhen you watch me throwing punches at the devil
F#m A DIt just looks like I'm fighting with me
[Verse 3]
F#m A D BmBut there's a comfort in failure
F#m A D BmSinging too loud in church
F#m A D BmScreaming my fears into speakers
F#m A'Till I collapse or I burst
D BmWhichever comes first
[Verse 4]
F#m A D BmI know you were trying to help
F#m A D BmBut you're only making it worse
F#m A D BmTell me that I shouldn't blame myself
F#m A D BmBut you can't even imagine how badly it hurts
F#m A DJust to think sometimes
F#m A D BmHow I think almost all the time
Bm F#m A D(Oooh — Oooh)
DSo break me down
AFold it over your arms
BmLike an unloaded shotgun
F#mDismantled and harmless
D AEven you couldn't manage to pull
Bm AThe fuse from the back of my head
[Verse 5]
BmWhen you tell me you love me
ATell me you loved me
D AI wanted so bad to believe it
BmSo tell me you love me
ATell me you loved me
DI wanted so bad
F#m DI wanted so bad to believe you
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