A Proper Sort Of Gardener chords with lyrics by June Tabor - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

June Tabor – A Proper Sort Of Gardener chords

F  C  Bb  Dm  Bb  Dm  Gm

FOnce upon a time I found a garden
Bb F CPicked the brightest things that I could see
FAn apron full of Mister Harding's flowers
Bb F CAnd I didn't know that he was watching me
Bb Am Gm7Straight away my mother ran to tell him
Bb Am Gm7Wondering what he would say or do
F Am BbMister Harding smiled and said, "She's just a little child
F C FI knew that she'd be picking them for you"
FBy the fire, dad would tell me stories
Bb F COne of them concerned a garden too
FWhere the lion and the lamb lay down together
Bb F CAnd every lovely fruit and flower grew
Bb Am Gm7The gardener sent his children in to play there
Bb Am Gm7Rejoicing in the brightness of the day
F Am BbBut when they went exploring and took a fruit to taste
F C FHe cursed them both and sent them on their way
Bb Am Gm FEven then I realised in my childish mind
Bb F C F C Bb FThat he wasn't a proper gardener of the Mister Harding kind
FMister Harding's garden was all taken
Bb F CBy lesser men with concrete in their minds
FFactory chimneys grew instead of daisies
Bb F CNo butterflies from that assembly line
Bb Am Gm7My mother faded faster than a flower
Bb Am Gm7Dad sat in the darkness and cried
F Am BbMister Harding moves a little slower than before
F C FBut still he tends the grave where they both lie
Bb Am Gm FWherever it is they've gone to, I hope that they will find
Bb F C F C Bb FA proper sort of garden of the Mister Harding kind
Bb Am Gm7The foolish woman sometimes feels despairing
Bb Am Gm7Thinks it seems so very hard to find
F Am BbThe child tries to plant a little, everywhere she goes
F C FThat special love of the Mister Harding kind
Bb Am Gm FSomeday when I'm older, maybe I will find
Bb F C F C Bb FThat I've grown into a gardener of the Mister Harding kind
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