Reynard The Fox chords with lyrics by June Tabor - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

June Tabor – Reynard The Fox chords

C   G   D G
C    F  G  C  G  C

F GA good many gentlemen take great delight
C G CIn hunting poor Reynard the Fox
F GFor the very best food he does eat in the night
C G CAnd lives upon fat geese and ducks
F GIn Ashendon Copse I did lie
D GAnd I lived an extraordinary rate
C F GA-cracking the bones in young lambs' tails
C G CThe farmers they all did me hate
F GOh, for my lord's horses and hounds they did send
C G CAnd the huntsmen, they swore I must die
F GWhich made all the hair on me coat stand on end
C G CAnd caused me from me young ones to fly
F GAll down Stony Lane they did run me
D GAnd I gave 'em a very good race
C F GWhen I entered the woods, I did rest then
C G CThe hounds they run forward and bays
F GAll through the wild woods they gave chase and gave game
C G CAnd the gameskeeper saw me go by
F GHe chased me out onto the wide-open plain
C G CIt was then that he fired at me thigh
F GAll on stony fields they did kill me
D GAnd bloodthirsty dogs did me follow
C F GThey tore me old coat all in pieces
C G CWhich caused the glad huntsmen to hollow
[Instrumental] C F G C G C x2 C F G D G C F G C G C [Verse]
F GOh pardon, dear huntsmen, for I've spoiled your game
C G CAnd the keeper has caused me to die
F GBut I leave little brothers of mine to remain
C G CThat love little else better than I
F GAnd now that bold Reynard is dead
D GWe'll go to The Dolphin and dine
C F GNow we'll dip his fore-foot in a bumper
C G And drink up his health in good wine
[Outro] C F G C G C x2 C F G D G C F G C G C
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