Justin Townes Earle – Yuma chords

Song:	Yuma
Band:	Justin Townes Earle
Album:	Yuma (EP)
Tuning:	Standard
Capo:	5th fret


The song is played in a modified Travis picking style with a 
few notes dropped, and a few hammers added, esp. on the Am to 
make it interesting.  Plays very nicely on a Dobro resonator 
guitar.  For timing, every line represents 8 beats.

Atypical chords
C    - 332010   (C/G)
F    - 13321x   (not barred)

G5   - 32003x
Gsus4- 32001x
G      32000x
Gsus2- 3202xx
G'     3200xx


  C  C
  C  C

C C Well he woke up that mornin' and he called into work
C C Put on his daddy's old suit with a 2nd hand shirt
F F All un-tucked, shoes un-tied
C C People all snickered as he walked by
F F So he stopped into a bar and bought a shot of Stephen's
C C And another
F F He bummed a cigarette instead of talkin' with a stranger
C C About the weather
Am G And then he paid his bill and he stepped outside
C F And fell down into the street
C G He cursed and he cried as he climbed back up to his
F G feet again
VERSE 2 -------
C C So up the road he found a payphone and called his mom
C C He said Mom I think I'll be coming home
F F I've been feeling so bad, I'm tired of this city.
C C Ain't been the same since I lost my pretty
F F Angeline, and Mom I miss her
C C so.
F F It's been over a year and there ain't nothin' I fear
C C So much as being alone.
Am G And then he hung up the phone without saying good bye
C F Stopped in the store and bought a postcard and signed it
C G Fare the well, and sent it back home
F G To Yuma.
(Instrumental transition) C C G (4 beats, 2 beats, 2 beats) BRIDGE ------
Am G Looking back I'd say,
F C It wasn't so much the girl
F C As it was the booze and the dope
Gsus4 G And the way he took the weight of the world up upon his
Am Am Shoulders
F F And then he washed the blue from his eyes as he grew
C C colder
F Gsus4 After all those lonely nights there left alone.
(Instrumental transition)
G5 Gsus4 G Gsus2 (2 beats per chord) G' (4 beats only)
VERSE 3 -------
C C So he was just 23 when he stepped out on that ledge
C C It was his weary heart that pushed him to the edge
F F He was tired of living life, looking for love.
C C A weary heart just needs a little touch
F F And it is too much to ask, he cried as he stepped into the
C C wind.
F F He turned his back on the world and he fell back to earth
C C again.
Am G So with the wind in his hair and a smile on his face
C G He crashed through the hood of an Oldes 98
C G And he lay there and died on a cold winter's day
F G All alone
C C All alone.
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