Justin Townes Earle - Let The Waters Rise chords

Let The Waters Rise 
Justin Townes Earle
Album: Yuma 

Capo V

C   x32010
Am  x02210
F   x03211
G   320003
C7  x32310
Fm  x03111

C Am F G

C AmLet the waters rise
F G C Am F Gwash this town into the sea
C AmLet the waters rise
F G C Am F Gand find my lover where she sleeps
F Amcause i don't know where she is or what company she keeps
C C7all i know is where she should be
Fso let the waters rise
G and bring her home to me
C G Let the waters rise I'm too tired now for searching Let the waters rise and hide the tears i cried for that woman coz it just isn't fair that she's out there havin' fun when I'm stuck here and having none so let the waters rise bring me my only one C G C Am F G (x3) C C7
F Fmand I've been on my own sitting in my window
C C7waiting by the phone for you to call
F Fm and every time a wind blows i hear the subtle tone
Am Gof your laughter echo through the hall
C AmLet the waters rise
F G C Am F Gset this lonesome heart adrift
C AmLet the waters rise
F G Cmay they be cold and swift
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