Justin Townes Earle – Who Am I To Say chords

F# is not actually a chord, just the second fret on low ELike this.e|---|B|---|G|---|D|---|A|---|E|-2-|
You should listen to the song for picking order since I'm lazy. Who Am I To Say Recorded by Justin Townes Earle (Capo on 4) Intro.: | (G) | (C) (D) | (G) | (C) (D) -- Well now (G)who am I to say? (C) If all I know is what I heard (G) With the (C)things some people say you can never be to (G)sure (F#)But who (Em)cares where you find comfort, I'm (C)no one to deny (Am)Anybody what they need to (D)take them through a night 'Cause (G)who am I to say, what you should (C)do behind close (D) doors (G) | (C) (D) Well now (G)who am I to say? (C) I've been trouble almost (G)all my life I took (C)pleasure in such things most wouldn't entertain not at the (G)darkest of times (F#)So you (Em)take your pills and poison, (C)drink yourself to death (Am)Give yourself away until you (D)ain't got nothing left 'Cause (G)who am I to say that there's (C)anything (D)wrong with that (G) | (C) (D) Oh, but (C)why do you call (D)at such (Em)hours every time Saying (G)I don't need no (D)money, I've just been (C)thinkin' of you tonight (D) Oh, but (G)who am I to say? (C) Maybe you (D)had good intentions at (G)heart Maybe (C)you took truer aim and it was me who missed my mark (G) (F#)But for (Em)every word of anger, (C)left unexplained (Am) for every time that I (D)turned you away (G)Who am I to say that it (C)wasn't for the (D)better, girl? (G) | (C) (D) Who am I to (C)say? | (D) | (G) --- My favorite of his. Enjoy!
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