Wanderin chords with lyrics by Justin Townes Earle - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Justin Townes Earle – Wanderin chords

Capo 1st fret

||G |C G|G|C D|G|C G|G C|D G||

G C GWell I'm just a lonely traveler and I don't know where I'm bound.
C DThough, that if I keep on moving then I know that I'll be found.
G C GI'll climb high atop a mountain, call for he who holds the crown,
C DBut until that day, keep on wanderin'
|G |C-G |G |C-D |G |C-G |G-C |D-G| Well now, when the soul wanders there are things a man must see. There are trials he must know and there are troubles he must meet. He must stare in the eyes of evil and know that he is free. 'Til the good lord calls, keep on wanderin' Now, my father was a traveler and my mama stayed at home. And she cried the day that he walked out and left us on our alone. But now I'm older than he was when I was born and I don't know, Which way is home so I'm wanderin' Yes, oh lord, I've seen your oceans, I've seen your mountains high. I've been lost inside your cities, I've seen the underside. Yeah, I know the troubles that plague a troubled mind, But they can't catch me I'm a wanderin' No they can't catch me I'm a wanderin' N.C. No they can't catch me I'm a wanderin' Justin does hammer-ons and pull-offs on the A and D strings throughout
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