John Bickford – Invisible Man chords

E  A  B

[Verse 1]
EYou won’t see my face on any record,
A BMy handsome days have long since passed,
B C#mI’d rather give you something to remember,
A BSomething I hope will last,
C#m C#m/B AI’m just a voice in the middle of the night,
E C#mBetween the hours of 12 and 3,
A BI’m no longer something you can look at,
A BNo longer something you can see.
C#m C#m/B A BMy prayers are my last chance, cuz I know what I am…
E A BAn invisible man, invisible man.
[Verse 2]
EWhen I was young the women all were beautiful,
A BI found my way into their beds,
B C#mBut there’s lines on my face and gray my beard,
A BI’m not turning any heads.
C#m C#m/B ANow I’m just an ol’ time gun-slinger,
E C#mWho’s hung up his belt and his gun.
A BIf you’re looking for something pretty,
A BYou know I ain’t the one.
C#m C#m/B A BI’ve fallen behind the scenes but I’m doing what I can…
E A BAn invisible man, invisible man.
F#m BI’m the voice you might hear in a dream,
E D#m C#m B ADown that dusty trail,
A BMy key may have dropped a little,
C#mBut I can still let out a wail!
F#mAs invisible as the wind!
C#mAs invincible as the wind!
F#m A E BAs ridiculous as the wind howling one last time…
C#m C#m/B A B‘Cause I’m just an ol’ country singer, doing the best that I can…
E A BAn invisible man, invisible man.
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