John Bickford – Seven Hundred Dollars chords


GI’ve got $700.00; it’s all I have left,
G CSince I paid off the lawyer, and paid off the rent.
CI’ve $700.00, right here in my pocket,
G D7 C GIt’s all I have left since you decided to walk right out the door…
GI’ve got $700.00; maybe I’ll buy a new jacket,
G COr an airplane ticket that’ll take me to another town,
CWhere there’s no sign of you around.
G D7 C GI’ve got $700.00, it’s all I have left and I’m alone…
CI gave you a ring, did it mean anything?
GI’m guessin’ that it didn’t as you put it in my hand!
CI went down to the pawnshop, showed it to the man who said
D7 D7I can’t do much, but you will be happy
D7 D7He said, “I can’t do much but you will be happy with your…
G$700.00! Can’t buy back the tears, can’t buy back the memories,
Can’t buy back the years that I spent holding you so tight.
CI’ve $700.00 and I’m spending it tonight
G D7 C GNow hand me that bottle, and here’s your tip you can spend it on the rest,
C C7 GIt’s $700.00… It’s all I have left.
C D GIt’s $700.00… It’s all I have left.
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