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K-os – Crabbuckit tab

“Crabbuckit” – K-os
{Chords by JoanÂ’s Genius 2009}

Chord Pattern is Gm F Eb D throughout the entire song 

Intro: Gm F Eb D x6

Verse 1:
Gm     F         Eb       D
Took a trip on a bus that didn't know
Gm     F           Eb            D
Met a girl sellin' drinks at the disco
Gm   F           Eb            D
Said truth comes back when you let it go
Gm    F                       Eb        D
Seems complicated ‘cause it's really so simple
Gm      F          Eb          D
Walkin' down Yonge Street on a Friday
Gm    F            Eb          D 
Can't follow them, gotta do it my way
Gm      F     Eb           D
No fast lane, still on the highway
Gm            F       Eb              D 
Movin' in and out, no doubt there's a brighter way

Chorus: (do this 2x)
   Gm          F              Eb     D
No time to get down cause I'm moving up
   Gm          F              Eb     D
No time to get down cause I'm moving up
   Gm          F              Eb     D
No time to get down cause I'm moving up
   Gm   F                Eb           D
Aaaahhhhh, check out the crabs in the bucket

Verse 2:
          Gm           F           Eb         D
It's like flies on the windscreen, writing on walls
Gm         F                    Eb       D
Square biz clones claim they're havinÂ’ a ball
Gm          F           Eb          D
Foolin' themselves just before last call
Gm               F           Eb   D
Tic-a-tic-a-toc, tic-a-tic-a-toc
              Gm      F             Eb  D
Clock strikes twelve, clock strikes one
        Gm            F            Eb  D
Smoking gun put these fools on the run
  Gm        F        Eb    D
I know it's not that simple
  Gm        F        Eb   D
I know it's not that hard where to go

(repeat Chorus) 

Verse 3:
       Gm          F            Eb         D
It's a conniption, fit from the microphone flit
          Gm            F         Eb               D
I take it higher like a bird on a wire, retire the fire
  Gm    F              Eb        D
I never cause I'm just moving on up
            Gm        F       Eb          D
Choosin' to touch the unseen, craving the clutch
Gm       F          Eb          D
The most inevitable legible pyromania
            Gm         F           Eb      D
SlayinÂ’ the devil, and sendinÂ’ him back to Transylvania
          Gm        F            Eb          D
Strangely enough, I evolved that side of the ghetto
       Gm          F               Eb           D
But my heavy metal will settle the puppets like Gepetto
Gm      F            Eb         D
Damn if mirrors were created by sand
         Gm             F         Eb             D 
Then I'm looking in the water for reflections of man
     Gm        F           Eb             D
Understand the minds above time when it's empty
Gm     F              Eb          D
Emcee, Tragically Hip “Ahead by a Century”

(repeat Chorus)
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