K-os - Faith chords

K-Os ft Drake - Faith

I copied the words, so they are off but the chords are... prolly jus as off, haha!

Em - Bm (or D) - Am - Bm

Am - Bm - Em - Em
Am - Bm - Esus4 - E (or E7)
Am - Bm - Em - Em
Am - Bm - Am - Bm

Is either these chords or the relative minors/majors
all guitar chords dot com if you're still lost. ^_^

[Drake  Verse]
pay attention, its on
staring at my city lights through the plain window as I write this song
have faith, when I do it
Iíma do it bigger than they think
i dont just flow I over flow I be filling up the sink
like i left the water on I run this bitch if anybody ask
aint much change since high school
n-ggas still be in and out of class
S class or the brand new cl5 on them haters
black paint, chrome trim same color as the logo for the raiders
i just said that cause im not with california near the studio with taz
you should give us credit n-ggas killin people we can be all doin that instead..
but we not, we just kill the summer every single time i come around
never chase hoes but we do we laugh at them n-ggas tryin to run em down
lyrics courteys of killerhiphop.com
not I, not me, YMOB, call jaz, call c,
bet both of them would agree
get viewed, get judged, get booed, get loved
shit get done round here, do you, not us

Im gon do what I want
cause this lifeís made for living
you got to know nothings for sure
faith in the stars
Im gon do what I want
cause this lifeís what Iím given
gotta keep my faith in the dark clouds


Once upon a time I met
on this cold explosive dosage she wrote this
but tell me who chose this,
sin cityís innocent really when its inside my mind
and co-sign with a rhyme and a big pen
once again itís an even odd
canít applaud with one hand
canít be God with one fan
or can you stan you
if not pastor jackson daniels rip that hit that
now I sip that lightly when Iím on my mic tightly
and I write nightly like Spike Lee
let me break it down

I been having a maid since the 8th grade with a fade
rapping by the swings
and the bell never really rings
class in session thereís no recession
for this upper echelon mic testing its
K-dash-O-S F-R-E-S-H in the place
with a grace in and outta space
(?) gotta race
donít be something that you really not
sabotage the universal plot
when the planet earth rock gets hot
from the sun donít get got just get God yeah see that

(Do you believe)

now go get you some free!
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