Kari Jobe – Hands To The Heavens chords

Title: Hands to the Heavens
Artist: Kari Jobe
Album: Majestic (Live) [2014]


[Song structure below]

*CAPO 2*

Part 1
C#m   A    E    x2

Part 2
C#m   A    E    B/Eb
C#m   A    B

Verse I
C#m A EWe are your church
C#m A E BWe are your sons and daughters
C#m A E B/Eb C#m A BWe've gathered here to meet with you
C#m A EWe lift our eyes
C#m A E BWe lay our hearts before you
C#m A E B/Eb C#m A BExpectant here for you to move
A C#mWith our hands to the heaven alive
EIn your presence oh God
BWhen you come
ASo pour out your spirit
C#m GWe love to be near you oh God
BWhen you come
Verse II
C#m A EYou are the way
C#m A E BThe truth and the life we live for
C#m A E B/Eb C#m A BOh how we long to know you more
F#m C#mCome like a rushing wind
E BCome light the fire again
F#m C#mCome like a burning flame
BHave your way
Have your way ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [SONG STRUCTURE] - Intro (pt. 1&2) - Verse I - Chorus - Intro (pt. 1) - Verse II - Chorus x2 - Bridge x3 - Chorus x2 - Bridge x4 - Instrumental x2 (chords of Bridge) - Bridge x6
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