Kari Jobe – Messiah chords

Messiah By Kari Jobe

Verse 1
D A/D G/DThe world is waiting
D A/D G/DFor a baby's cry
D A/D G/DThe Promised moment
D A/D G/DIs tonight
D A/D G/DShepherd's watching
D A/D G/D The angels sing
D A/D G/D Wise men marvel
D A/D G/D At their King
G D AMessiah has been born to us
G D AA child, Heaven's glorious
G Bm APerfect Love, Anointed One
G D A/D (G/D)Messiah, our Messiah has come
Verse 2 A mother smiling Such little hands A father holding The Son of Man Bridge
Bm F#mAlleluia, Glory to God
G AAlleluia, There's no greater love
Bm F#mAlleluia, Glory to God
G AAlleluia, Our Messiah has come
Verse 3 Precious Saviour Blessed One Peace for sinners Behold the Lamb of God
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