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Kasabian – Id tab

Artist: Kasabian
Song: I.D.
Album: Kasabian

Thought this song needed a guitar tab


The song is based on two chords that repeat themselves: E and C

E C|--0--| |--0--| |--0--| |--1--||--1--| |--0--||--2--| |--2--||--2--| |--3--||--0--| |--x--|
Same chords, just an octave higher. I think Sergio plays these live
E C|--0---| |--0---||--0---| |--13--||--13--| |--0---||--14--| |--14--||--14--| |--15--||--0---| |--x---|
INTRO - Synths and drums Guitar enters at 1:34 E "No one else is here... C ...and I can't get a sense of nothing E No one else gets high... C ...and I can't sleep 'cos I got nothing E Feeling I have lost... C ...control to a higher force and... this music is my, my own." -------------------------------------- It's the same for the rest of the song^^ --------------------------------------
At 3:49 play this riff 4 times x4e|-------------------------------------------------------------------|B|-------------------------------------------------------------------|G|-------------------------------------------------------------------|D|--14--14--14--14-------------------------------------------12--12--|A|-----------------14--14--14--14--12--12--12--12--1010-1010---------|E|-------------------------------------------------------------------| these are 10s btw^^
This is how I personally play it
E Ce|-----| |-----|B|--9--| |--5--|G|--9--| |--5--|D|--9--| |--5--|A|--7--| |--3--|E|--0--| |-----|
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