Kasabian – Days Are Forgotten tab

This is the second song and new single from Kasabian's fourth and new album "Velociraptor!". It's quite easy, with the riff repeating throughout and three chords during the chorus. I recommend using slight distortion when playing this song.
Riff / Intro / Verse:|-----------------------||-----------------------||-----------------------||------------0-0-5-5-5--||--0-0-3-0--------------||-----------------------|
Chorus: Am F G|--------1~----3~--||--1~----1~----3~--||--2~----2~----4~--||--2~----3~----5~--||--------3~----5~--||--------1~----3~--|A second guitar plays the riff underneath the chords.
NOTE: During the second verse, you just play the A string until you hear the riff kick back in. And that's about it. Told you it was simple. Any questions, criticisms or comments are welcome. Cheers.
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