Katie Armiger – Leaving Home chords

Leaving Home
By: Katie Armiger (http://katiearmiger.com/)

GI put the locket you gave me in a shoe box
EmWith all my favorite high school pictures in a ziplock
C EmSo when I think about myself and all that I'm not
AmThanks for the extra cash
CPlease take good care of dad
Am DI promise you I'll call along the way
G D GMama, don't you cry
Em D GI'm movin' on but know this ain't goodbye
C G DWe might be miles apart, I'll carry you in my heart
Am DI'll send you kisses on the phone but mama
GI'm leaving home
GIn only four months I'll be comin' home for Christmas
EmI bet that all the time will fly, you know how it does
C EmMaybe I'll go and find a nice guy and fall in love
AmI'll do my best to make you proud
CKeep my room safe for now
Am DJust in case these big dreams don't work out
AmWe knew this day would come
GAnd as bad as you wanna hold on
Am CWe both know it's time to let go
(To let go)
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