Katie Armiger – Strong Enough chords

Strong Enough - Katie Armiger 
Capo 1  

C Am I would love to hear you say my name
C EmListen to you laugh the night away
AmFeel your hands reach out for me
Em GFeel the way it used to be again
I would love to look into your eyes See a thousand old forever's flying by Make promises we'll never keep Fall until we're in too deep again
F AmChorus: I can't go there
CI can't go back
Am GI can't let go
F AmThis close to you
CMy feet won't move
F G I'm just not strong enough
F G Am Not strong enough to leave
I would love to feel you touch my face Like every second by could be erased Back to where it all begins A place where I believe again For just a moment breathe you in but CHORUS
Am F I don't belong here
Em FYou don't belong to me
Am G Set me free
I can't go there I can't go back I can't let go This close to you My feet won't move I'm just not strong enough Not strong enough Not strong enough Not strong enough
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