Katie Herzig – Forevermore chords

(Verse 1)
AYou could be my white night
EI could be your fairy tale
AYou could come and save me, but
E AThat is not the end
(Verse 2)
AI would wear a white dress, and
EYou would paint the sunset
ALife would be a love-fest, that's
E A, A7How it all begins
(First chorus)
(A7) DSay, say, oh playmate
ACome out and play with me
EAnd bring your dollies three
A, A7Climb up my apple tree
DSlide down my rainbow
AInto my cellar door
EAnd we'll be jolly friends
(Verse 3) But the world can spin so madly And love can hurt so badly And stories end so sadly But this is not the end (Verse 4) 'Cause you still have my heartache And I still have your sweater And things they will be better Oh no, but not today (Second chorus) Say, say, oh playmate I cannot play with you My dolly's got the flu Boo hoo hoo, hoo hoo hoo Ain't got no rainbow Ain't got no cellar door But we'll be jolly friends Forevermore (Interlude, played like verse) (Repeat first chorus)
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