Katie Herzig – Hologram chords

Intro: Am Em G D

Am Em GI'm gonna let you down, gonna toss you around
DGonna make you want everything you haven't
Found. Gonna hold your hand then ask you to stand Ten feet away Oh it's just like you said, I live in my head I'm saving up all that I have 'til I'm Dead. It's always the same, and never the same way Pre-chorus:
Am AmBut oh if you don't want me though, I'll only want you more
G DI fall in love with hard to get you know you're just like
Me. A mystery with nothing more to see A virtual reality Chorus:
Am DI'm in a love affair without a love song
G CI'm in the habit of having what I don't want
I'm just a hologram, you can see but don't Touch me baby, oh I bet you want me I'm taking up space I'm right out of place I'm holding a half-hearted smile to your Face. It's pretty enough but watch out it Fades away Time is ticking so fast, does anything last Soon I will be just apart of your Past. I'll leave you with this, you hold on In blissful memories Pre-chorus. Chorus. G D/F# Bridge:
C CNow that you can
G D/F# C CSee, I'm not, not what you make of me
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