Keb Mo – A Better Man chords

From Slow Down, Keb' Mo' 3rd album. He won a Grammy for Best Contemporary Blues 
Album in 1999 with it.  

C Sitting here in my problem
D What am I gonna do now
CAm I gonna make it
DSomeway, somehow
F C Maybe I'm not supposed to know
F C Maybe I'm supposed to cry
F And if nobody ever knows
CThe way I feel
GThat's all right. That's okay
C F I'm gonna make my world a better place
C F I'm gonna keep that smile on my face
C F I'm gonna teach myself how to understand
D F C I'm gonna make myself a better man
CClimbing out the window
DClimbing up the wall
CIs anybody gonna save me
DOr are they gonna let me fall
F CWell I don't really wanna know
F CI'll just hold on the best I can
F CAnd if I fall down I'll just get back up
GI'll be alright. I'll be okay.
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