Kero Kero Bonito – Time Today chords

G    A      x4

[Verse 1]
G AI got so much time today
G AI got hopes and dreams and plans all yet to be made
G ASo get out the way
G A G'Cos I'm coming through now I got something to do
F#mAnd I'll try
EmAs I might
F#m GTo keep up with the light
F#m A A7'Til I'm into bed for the night
[Verse 2]
G AI got so much more to say
G AI got books and tapes and canvas bearing the weight
G ABut they're not arranged
G A G'Cos it takes too long and I'm still moving on
F#mBut I don't
EmEven know
F#m GWhere I should be trying to go
F#m A A7So I guess I'll follow my nose
[Verse 3]
G GmAnd I can't help but think about
F#m BmIf the sun ever stays down will I notice
Em AOr will I just be sitting around
Dmaj7Ticking a list off
D7 GRueing what I said wrong
GmBut dawn still greets my windowpanes
F#mAnd as long as I shall
F EmWake up in the morning
AI got plans
G A G AI got so much time today
G A G AI got so much time today
G A G AI got so much time today
GI got so much time
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