Kevin M Thomas – Im Not There chords

Words by Kevin M. Thomas
Music by Kevin M. Thomas
Copyright 2013 Kevin M. Thomas

VERSE 1 (G G C Dsus4/F Dadd11)There you walk right through the door.
Not a word spoken, nothing more. With him then, you're arm-in-arm. I look away, not to raise alarm. There you go again I say. But suddenly you look away. I try to play it off again. Except this time, I'm not here to win. No, ooh.
CHORUS (G F C Bb D)We've been good friends all through the years.
Now you take the plunge again. A wedding date you all have set. I fake a smile and place my bet. That at the time, it's time to sign. You take a step back as you find. Me standing there without a care. But you lock eyes and numb I feel your stare. I feel your stare, ooh.
BRIDGE (G F C Bb D) Me standing there right next to you.
I'm wondering what I'm gonna do. I can't keep playing rebound games. It's time you make your mind up. Once again, again, ooh. And suddenly you find. That I'm not there. I'm not there. Ooh. Yeah I'm not there. I'm not there. Yeah. Suddenly you find that I'm not there.
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