Kevin M Thomas – I Just Want You chords

Words by Kevin M. Thomas
Music by Kevin M. Thomas
Copyright 2013 Kevin M. Thomas

VERSE 1 (Dm C Bb A)There comes a time, there comes a place.
The back and forth, we play our games. But when it all comes down to you. There's simply nothing more that I can do. Ooh, yeah.
VERSE 2 (Dm C Bb A)The mornings brings your sunrise.
As you wake from restless night. All your plans, agendas come but. Certain as you walk into the night. Into the night. Yeah, ooh.
CHORUS (F C Dm Bb C Bb A Bb C)Though we take for granted.
All the little things we do. Every morning, everyday. It all comes down to you. Every sun has a sunset. As long as I'm with you. Let not a day but waste away. With the thought that there's not two. I just want you. I just want you. I just want you.
BRIDGE (D C Bb A)Without your kiss, without your lips.
The spoken words of yours. Life would be but lifeless. Not a moment could I endure. Cause all I need is everyday with. You and nothing more. Cause a day without your tenderness. Is a day without the sun. I just want you. I just want you. I just want you. Yeah.
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