Kevin M Thomas – Little One chords

Words by Kevin M. Thomas
Music by Kevin M. Thomas
Copyright 2003 Kevin M. Thomas

VERSE 1 (Em C Asus)Conception of this earth and happiness was bound.
By the sins of the two who made that fatal sound. Perfection and the like and pleasures all around. Was taken away by their greed and now all frown.
CHORUS (Em C Asus)Little one you cry those tears alone.
Little one you hide your truth at home. Shakin in your bed, you pray to God up high. Fear not, He will make the wrong all right!
VERSE 2 (Em C Asus)Little one you suffered so damn long.
The days were endless and nothing seems to calm. Abuse in the day and night, you wore the crown. But end it will fear not, its turning around. CHORUS (Em C Asus)
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