Kevin M Thomas – Everlasting Love tab

Everlasting Love
Composed and Arranged by Kevin M. Thomas
Copyright © 2003 Kevin M. Thomas

A E A E C Dsus4 G Gb-G-Gb Em C Dsus4 Em 
VERSE 1:  
    Em                C
The very first day we met, 
  Em                      Cadd9
I looked in your eyes and saw.
         Em             C
The most beautiful girl alive,
  D                    Dsus4 
I searched what's deep inside.
    Em                   C 
The words you spoke were true, 
        Em                 Cadd9
and the reason that I love you.
       Em                 C
Is the warmth within your touch, 
    D                   Dsus4
the passion we share is much. 

    Em                  C
The time we share right now,
         Em                Cadd9  
makes me fall deep in your love.
    Em                       C 
The moments are precious and few,
  D                       Dsus4 
I always have thoughts of you.
    Em                    C 
The future is filled with hope,
    Em              Cadd9
our love grows everyday.
  Em                C 
I know that we will be,
   D                 Dsus4   
forever just you and me. 

A                        E       
When we live our lives together,
A                     E
the love I feel is forever. 
    C        Dsus4
The time has come,
   G        Gb-G-Gb    Em   
To make our lives just one.
    C   Dsus4   Em 
Our everlasting love.
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