King Crimson - The Letters chords

Artist: King CrimsonSong: The LettersAlbum: IsladsTabbed by: Wiktor R. KołowieckiE-mail:
Intro: gently Fm
FmWith quill and silver knife
BbmShe carved a poison pen
FmWrote to her lover's wife:
C Fm"Your husband's seed has fed my flesh".
As if a leper's face That tainted letter graced The wife with choke-stone throat Ran to the day with tear-blind eyes. interlude: Fm.......G#m..Bbm Fm........ Fm.......G#m..Bbm.... variations on Fm Verse: Impaled on nails of ice And raked with emerald fire The wife with soul of snow With steady hands begins to write: "I'm still, I need no life To serve on boys and men What's mine was yours is dead I take my leave of mortal flesh" ------------------------------------------- Lublin, Poland 18.08.09
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