King Crimson – One Time chords

C4 Cm C4 Gm // C4 = Csus4One eye goes laughing
C4 Cm C4 GmOne eye goes crying
G# Gm C4 Cm C4 GmThrough the trials and trying of one life
C4 Cm C4 GmOne hand is tied
C4 Cm C4 GmOne step gets behind
G# Gm Fm7 GmIn one breath we're dying aa-a-a-a
Cm GmI've been waiting for the sun to come up
G# GWaiting for the showers to stop
Fm GmWaiting for the penny to drop
C4 Cm C4 GmOne time
Cm GmAnd I've been standing in a cloud of plans
G# GStanding on the shifting sands
Fm GmHoping for an open hand
C4 Cm C4 GmOne time
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