King Missile – Heaven chords

                             Heaven - King Missile
Tabbed by: Throwshapes

He plays a little different the second time he plays the intro riff so I tabbed that part.
The first time, he just plays the 4 chords normally.

A F#m E6 E6 C#m7e|-5----------2---------0------------0-0-x-7---------------------------------|B|-5----------2---------2------------2-2-5-5---------------------------------|G|-6-(Strum)--2-(Strum)-1-(Strum)----1-1-4-4---------------------------------|D|-7----------4---------2------------2-2-6-6---------------------------------|A|-7----------4---------2------------2-2-4-4---------------------------------|E|-5----------2---------0----------------------------------------------------|
Chords Used A (577655) F#m (244222) E6 (022120) C#m7(x46457)
D (x00232) Dm (x00231)Esus4 (022200) and E (022100)
A F#m E6 C#m7It's so beautiful here the swallows are swinging and swaying
A F#m E6 C#m7Sweetly tweeting in the fruit trees
D Dm Sparrows hip hop into my hands and somehow
A F#m E6 C#m7I hold them and gently pet their wings
A F#m Em6 C#m7 Why does this happen here? Now?
A F#m E6 C#m7I was in tears yesterday
D Tattered and near lifeless
Dm C#m7 have I died and passed in to the after world?
E6 A Esus4 / EI must have this is heaven
A F#mHow did I get here?
E6 C#m7Let me retrace my steps
AWhat happened yesterday?
F#m E6I was in tears, near lifeless.
C#m7Something sad must have happened but what?
DWhat was I crying about?
DmIs it over? Is it okay now?
A F#mWho am I talking to? What's going on?
E6 C#m7Oh no, now the sparrow is broken and mangled in my bloody hands
AThis is so awful
F#mGiant flying insects are crawling all over me
E6Biting and laughing
C#m7This is even worse than being alive
DThis is worse than being alive
DmEven worse than being alive
AI hate this
(End on A)
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