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From: (Kwan tai Wong)

Here's a pretty good song by KING MISSILE from the album

INTRO: chords C and F with riff1RIFF 1e---------------|-------------------|B--7------------|--------7----------|G-----8brbr6----|--8br6----8brbr6---|D---------------|-------------------|
BASS LINE PLAYED DURING VERSES E--7-9-7-0-5- VERSE: C and F C F C I could be here I could be ********** I could be out of town I could be in paradise
FILL 1e|-----------------------------------------------------|B|--------1------------1------------1------------1-----|G|------0---0--------0---0--------0---0--------0---0---|D|----2-------2----2-------2----2-------2----2-------2-|A|--3------------3------------3------------3-----------|E|-----------------------------------------------------|
CHORUS: C F with fill 1 I could be anywhere (2x) VERSE: C F I could be near the refrigerator I could be on the roof I could be in ************ I could be back in the cellar again (chorus 3x) I could be in the transit I could be in **** i could be in ***** I could be in , I could be out It doesn't matter, leave me alone ( chorus 4x) BRIDGE: B5 A5 I could be back in the cellar again (3x) i could be back in the back in the cellar again ...till fade... B5 799xx A5 577xx this is my first posting and as i'm a beginner the transcription may be totally wrong and incomplete corrections welcome : ( tim wong) thanx tim 
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