Kero Kero Bonito – The Open Road chords

[Verse 1]
D GWe came to a halt in the snow
Em ASwerving on the wet slush below
F#mJust as well we did 'cos
Bm AThat lorry in front of us
Em A Was gonna tip over
[Verse 2]
D GSo we peeled off for a break
Em AThough we knew it meant we'd be late
F#m7But we were alive and
Bm7 A7It felt pretty good to taste
E7 A7 The strawberry milkshake
F#m7 Em7And still we carried on
A F#Our entire lives upon
DThe open road
Em DGuided on the asphalt by
Em DThe traffic lines and burger signs
Em Bm A Em A 'Til we're in the motel gone for the night
[Verse 3]
D GWay out on the north golden coast
Em AJust as we were ready to go
A#maj7 C D Bandits broke into the van
A#maj7And took all we had
D G Gmaj7In the city we were stranded
F#m7 But still we
Em7 Dmaj7 Somehow rolled through
A Dm7Onto the next town
G7 Cmaj7Always somewhere new
[Solo] Cmaj7 Cm Em (one strum each) Cmaj7 Cm Em (one strum each) Cmaj7 [Bridge]
Dmaj7 Cmaj7 I've seen mountains pierce the sky
Dmaj7 Cmaj7 Deserts frosted under ice
A#maj7 D#maj7 But some days I just miss mum and dad
A#maj7 Ano5 Cmaj7 Though I think it makes them happy
Gmaj7 AI finally managed to see
DThe open road
[Outro] Em F Em
D'Til I'll make quite sure there's nowhere
Em F EmLeft to get to know
Em F EmThe open road
C DThe open road
Em Dmaj7 (barred) G Will take me home someday
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