Lady Gaga – Again Again chords ver. 2


You've gotta lotta lotta
G Dnerve... Comin' here
CWhen I'm still with him
Eb DAnd I can't have you, it isn't fair
G DBorn, March of 86
CMy birthday's comin'
EbAnd if I had one wish
DYeah, you'd be it
Em When you're 'round
Eb/EI lose myself
Inside your mouth
D/EYou've got brown eyes
Like no one else
Db/EBaby, make it to me
G A...gain, and again
CA...gain again
Eb D GNever stop a...gain and again
Again C A-a-again again
Eb DNever stop oh..
Verse: He never really saw me Or waited when we were hookin' up Yeah, he'd never last Last week when I was sad You said that you knew My eyes changed from Kind of green To "kind of Blue" Prechorus: When you're 'round I lose myself inside your mouth You've got brown eyes like no one else Baby make it to me Chorus: Again, and again Again Again Again again Never stop again and again Again Again
A-a-again againNever stop babe
GTell me
DIf I leave him
CBaby would you be there cuz
EbBaby you could be m-m-mine
DAll the t-t-time
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