The Way It Ends chords with lyrics by Landon Pigg for guitar and ukulele @ Guitaretab

Landon Pigg – The Way It Ends chords

I couldn't find it anywhere else so I tried to make it myself. Play the G and A in 
the chorus as powerchords. Sorry if its not completely right, I tried my best!

Dm BbRun
Is this to be our fate
Dm BbHide
Freedom is ours as long as we escape
G BbWe walk in the shadows, we do
G BbFor now but we all know
COur time is near
Dm BbThis is the way it ends
C AmDon't tell me its meaningless
Bb FThere'll be no compromise
G AWe fall, and we too, shall rise
Dm BbYou held me and taught me how
C AmI think I am ready now
Bb FIf this is the way it ends,
G AThen this is the way its meant to be
The other verses are the same as the first. @ bridge you play : Bb F C Bb F C and then into the Dm from the chorus. Have fun! xx Lis
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