Take My Hand chords with lyrics by Langhorne Slim - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Langhorne Slim – Take My Hand chords

CIts early in the morning, what are we doing up still
Amdrinking wine out of these coffee cups
Gthats fine by me
Cas long as Im layin by you
Last week I was in a foreign town, I was a tourist then and Im a tourist now, in the town I live in I guess thats fine too
C F CIm gonna find my way,
C F CI got nothing left to say
C F C Gbut take my hand
G Ccome by and take my hand
Now I dont own a horse but Ill be back in the saddle This time on tuesday Ill fly out of Seattle back to Pensylvania to pick up what I left I dont miss the east coast seasons but I miss my ma and I dont know the reason I miss my pa he lives in New Jersey it wasnt that far away Chorus I made a lot of my own mistakes theres a few I chose to loose, a few i chose to take Verse 1
Here is the picking pattern I use, its not anything like his but I think itsounds ok, I use the same thing on all the verse chords and just make up the chorus bit as I go to fit the lyrics C|---------------0----------------------------0-------------------||--------1--1-------1------1----------1--1-------1------1--------||--------0--0---------0----0----------0--0---------0----0--------||--------------2--------2-------------------2--------2-----------||-----3----------------------------3-----------------------------||----------------------------------------------------------------|
e e e ss e e e e
e= 1/8s= 1/16
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