Larry Pierce - Nymphomaniac chords

"Nymphomaniac" by Larry Pierce
Transcribed by Maniac1075


(D#) - (C) - (D#) - (C) - (D#) - (C)

[Riff 1]

(A#) (D#)Well I come home from work, and I pour myself a scotch
(F) (D#) (A#)While my baby's got her clothes off, and she's reaching for my crotch
(A#) (D#)She says she's been so horny, and she's rubbed her pussy raw
(A#) (D#) (A#)So I hit her in the shitter, and I poked her in the jaw
(A#) (D#)Yeah she fucks me every morning yeah she fucks me every night
(F) (D#) (A#)She fucks me on the couch and on the porch in broad daylight
(A#) (D#) She's got a hundred dildos that she sticks up every crack
(F) (D#) (A#)My baby's fucking crazy, she's a nymphomaniac
[Riff 2] Well she likes her golden showers, and she's into S&M And she likes me to take her picture, while my cum drips down her chin And she likes to dress up kinky, with her boots & cowboy hat Watching porno movies, while my piss runs down her back [Back to chorus] [Riff 3] Well I knew my little peter, couldn't keep her satisfied So I got me an operation to increase my peter size Now every time I fuck her, she goes wild with every stroke Then I finish her off slowly, so my cum won't make her choke [Back to Chorus]
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