Laura Veirs – Galaxies tab

*Galaxies - Laura Veirs*
Year of Meteors

I saw the other tab for this song and since it was wrong, I thought I'd submit mine. 
too fancy here, just the same 4 chords repeated through the whole song. There's that "solo" 
too, I didn't include it here but it really isn't that hard to figure it out.
Of course, this is my interpretation of the song, it is not a professional tab. In other 
I don't want copyright troubles, I'm just sharing the way I play this song with other 
Oh yeah, play barre chords!

         Am   C  G  F        Am  C 
   G  F
When you sing,        when you    sing

    Am   C  G  F        Am     C  
The stars       fill up my eyes

Am     C       G      F
Galaxies pour down my cheeks

Am     C       G      F

Am     C       G        F
Galaxies…they flood the street

Am     C       G      F

That's how it goes for the whole song. I suggest sliding from G to F, I think that's how 
done in the real song. Anyway, feel free to comment :-)

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