Lawrence Arms – Criminal chords

			Criminal - The Lawrence Arms

Tabbed By: Saitenquäler

Hi, this is my very first tab, so I would like you to email me what you
think about it. I'm absolutely not sure how right/wrong this is but since I
didn't find any other tab of this song - here's how I play it.

Em Em/G C Cadd9 C7M G Gadd9 D Dsus4e|---0----3----0----0----0----3----5----2----3---|B|---0----0----1----3----0----0----0----3----3---|G|---0----0----0----0----0----0----0----2----2---|D|---2----2----2----2----2----0----0----0----0---|A|---2----2----3----3----3----2----2-------------|E|---0----0-------------------3----3-------------|
Em C Cadd9 C7MMy anger is a sign of disgust with myself
Em C Cadd9 C7MA stewing serenade i hear the sirens on their way
G Gadd9 G D Dsus4 D C Cadd9 C7MThe chemicals inside of me just kept on swimming through my veins
G Gadd9 G D Dsus4 D C Cadd9 C7M Maybe I should make a move and try to leave this all behind
Em C Cadd9 C7M I listen to the absence of noise
Em C Cadd9 C7MDead summer breeze, I'm inflated with suspicions
G Gadd9 G D Dsus4 D C Cadd9 C7MSeems I've identified again the criminal of my intent
G Gadd9 G D Dsus4 D C Cadd9 C7MImagine exercising that same routine you reinvent
Em Em/G DI'm just a cold face on the street
C Cadd9 C C7MSlow and somber in my patterns
Em Em/G DI'm just a friend you'll never meet
Dsus4 D C Cadd9 C Cadd9 C7MI am the love that never happens
Em DMy days exist in meaningless ways
CI need a way to shake this
G D CI'm making lost time famous
G CMy heart goes rushing to my head whatever happened to me
G C EmWeeks spin forward I'm aware I've been living in reverse
D CI always hesitate
Em D Clike the future is engraved
G C GRoots here grow really deep they're networked beneath the city streets
C Cadd9It's a structured kind of madness
Em D CI always turn away
Em D C back to a safer fate
Em D CI always hesitate
Em D C
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