Lee Hazlewood – The Bed tab

The Bed

Intro / Riff (w\ bottleneck) : E e|-5-3------------------|B|-----5-3-5-3----------| G|-------------1--------|
E B A E I awake from troubled sleep in the middle of the night B A E Reaching for the soft hand that once held mine so tight C#m A B E My fingers touch the pillow where once you laid your head A D E Riff And I run my hands on the cold, cold sheets on your side of the bed E B A E My head spins from the perfume that lingers everyplace B A E That kiss, that taste of lipstick left on your pillowcase C#m A B E And here in this nightmare of darkness I remember the day we were wed A D E E7 And I clutch and I stare at the tear stained sheets on my side of the bed A D A My arms ain’t beholdin’ you, my lips hunger for your kiss D B E Riff And I just stand to go through another lonely night like this This hands that once caressed you just took a bottle from the draw It says take one for sleeping but I’m taking many more What good is there in living when the dreams we shared are dead And now at last I lay me down to sleep on my side of the bed by: José Duarte jtduarte1@gmail.com
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