Lee Hazlewood – The Girl On Death Row tab

Lee Hazlewood "The girl on death row"
7" single from 1960

Tabbed by Board (Anders Pedersen): mc_nyregrus@hotmail.com

Chords used in this song:

Gm Bb D# Fe-3- e-6- e-6- e-8-a-3- a-6- a-8- a-10g-3- g-7- g-8- g-10d-5- d-8- d-8- d-10a-5- a-8- a-6- a-8-E-3- E-6- E--- E---
Intro:Second guitar strums chords Gm Gm|----------------------------------------------------------------||----------------------------------------------------------------||----------------------------------------------------------------||------5-4-----4-3----------------------5-4---4-3-1-0------------||----5-------5-------5---4---5--------5-----5---------4-5-----5--||---------------------------------------------------------4------|
1st verse: Gm Bb Her eyes were once so full of dreams. Gm Bb Her young heart filled with lover schemes. D# F Bb Now every second she must borrow. D# F Bb They take her life tomorrow. (Bb) Is she guilty? She says no. Gm The girl on death row. 2nd verse: Gm Bb Now someone holds her trembling hand. Gm Bb Another says please understand. D# F Bb Why can't they see it in her face? D# F Bb Another should be in her place. (Bb) Is she guilty? She says no. Gm The girl on death row. 3rd verse: Gm Bb Her young dreams never will come true. Gm Bb Her innocence they never knew. D# F Bb Until they've found the guilty one. D# F Bb They're sorry now for what they've done. (Bb) But it's late, too late Gm For the girl on death row. Gm ...The girl on death row... (fade) repeat intro riff followed by this riff while fading
|---------------||---------------||---------------||---------------||-5-4---5-------||-----------3---| Repeat until fade
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