Leona Lewis – I Got You chords

 -- Leona Lewis – I Got You --

standard tuning EADGBE

tabbed by x-tasha-x

G D Em C Ooooh...
G A place to crash
D I got you
Em No need to ask
C I got you
G Just get on the phone
D I got you
Em Come and pick you up
C If I have to
G What's weird about it
D Is we're right at the end
Em And mad about it
C Just figured it out in my head
Pre Chorus:
Em I'm proud to say
D I got you
G Go ahead and say goodbye
D I'll be all right
EmGo ahead and make me cry
C I'll be all right
GAnd when you need a place
D To run to
EmFor better or worse
C I got you
Pre verse 2:
G D Em C I got you...
Verse 2(same as verse 1) In falling apart Or bitter Lets be bigger than that And remember That pulling out don't Mean your all alone You won't survive it No drama, no need for a show PRE CHORUS CHORUS X2 Bridge:
C D Cos this is love and life
Em Gand nothing that we can both control
C and if it don't feel right
DYour not losing me by letting me know
Then: Em C G D x2 CHORUS X2 end with: G D Em C
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