Lightning Seeds – Lucky You tab

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Date: Sun, 07 Dec 1997 15:35:15 +0000
From: nigel and ruth galloway 
Subject: Lightning Seeds, Lucky You

Lightning Seeds - Lucky You

Track 2 on the Cool 3rd Album

INTRO: Em A  Em A  Em  A  Em A  G


Em                Am7   D
You're lying again
                                     G              G/F#  Em
you say you don't but then you do
                   Am7   D
I'm trying again
                    G    G/F#           Em
To build a wall around your heart
                        Am7          D    G
then break it through, to you
        G/F#     Em
You make it happen


                           Am7            G
Ooooh Oooooh Waay Ooooh
                                    Am7                            G
Ooooh Oooooh Waay Ooooh ooh ooh waay ooh


C                   D                  Em   F#m  G
Everythings blue now, Oh lu___cky you
               Am7   Bm7
Oh lucky you
                             Am7   Bm7
there's nothing to lose
   Bm7              D
so if it's really true
                Em7   A   Em7   A   G
Oh lucky you

SOLO: X2 (Same chords as verses)

VERSE 2: You're chasing the moon reaching out to touch the stars but you land to soon what will it take to make you see the way things really are you've got this far so let it happen VERSE 3: You're lying again give it up and tell the truth you can't stop the rain it's gonna fall on every roof I've got the proof and only you can make it happen BRIDGE: CHORUS: OUTRO: Am7 G D Am7 G Em
Repeat to fade: By Sam Galloway UK Cheers!!
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