Lionel Richie – Tender Heart chords


F-F-Dm-Dm (You can hammer on the open G string to the second fret before strumming the F
chord to get the embellishment of the original song) Verse 1:
F DmEvery night and every day my heart feels the pain
F DmI wake up to the thought of you and I call your name
Brige 1:
Bb C DmNo one ever made me feel the way you do
Bb C Dm Nothing in this world I wouldn't do for you
Bb CBut now I've got to let go
FWe don't stand a chance
DmIn this wild romance, my tender heart
BbMaybe it's wiser to walk away and love again
CWith my tender heart.
FWe don't stand a chance
DmIn this wild romance, oh it hurts so bad
BbKnowing that I'm not the one you want
CI can't hold on to my tender heart
Verse 2.
F DmI never thought I'd be the one who would play the fool
F DmBut I know love can feel so good and can be so cruel
Bridge 2:
Bb C DmIt's clear to me the writing is on the wall
Bb C DmIt's clear to me that you don't really love me at all
Bb CAnd I can't go on this way
(Chorus) Interlude:
Gm AmI'm standing at the door
Gm AmDon't need this hurt no more
Gm AmI'm crying out in vain
CCause you don't feel my pain.
(Solo) Bridge 3:
Bb C DmMaybe it was always going to be this way
Bb C Dm Maybe I'll look back and understand some day
Bb C But now I've got to say
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