Lisa Marie Presley – Thanx tab

A              Em
One day on one tombstone
All our names should go
We shared a life
A                  Em
The beauty and the ugliness
Through all pain and death
The birth of a child

A                                               Em
Thanks for throwing me the line when I've lost sight of it
G                            D
You're the only reason I can exhale
A                                            Em
And now, suddenly that when I find that the outcome's just not right
From what I just did
You're the only thing I can breathe through

Here, my sweet friends, a few lines of poetry
They may be laughable, but thanks for laughing with me
And here's to the next time I wrap myself around a tree
I know that you'll be there with bells on
to pull me off

G                     D                   A
And you can tell me a story I've heard before
I'll insult your mother
Em             G               A
Then you can tell me where to go

[CHORUS (x2)]
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