Lisa Marie Presley – Over Me chords

OVER ME                                       Lisa Marie Presley

Em  G   Em  G

Em G Em G EmI've seen her face, it's okay, really nothing great
C Em C EmYeah, she's cool in a gap-toothed hippy chick way
Em G Em G EmI've seen the way you and she put on a play
C Em C Em AAnd how she plays the part much better than I played
(Chorus) C Am Can it be you're over me
C Am She took my place, she saved the day
C Am It's hard to see you're over me
G C Am C Am Em When she took my place she saved the day
Em G Em G EmI've see that she, she likes to eat whatever you make
C Em C EmAnd how well she can bake that cake I wouldn't bake
C Em C Em AWhat a breath of fresh air she is in my wake
(Repeat Chorus)
Em GYou hope there's no bad blood
A Am EmYou want to be my friend who to say "hi" now and then
Em GYou know there's very bad blood
A AmAnd I was never your friend, who to say "hi"
(Repeat Chorus)
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