Little River Band - Down On The Border chords

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Down On The Border   by    (The) Little River Band

Tabbed by David Guy

A5 A7n3=A7(no3rd)* Am(elec) Am(acou) Am7 D5 E A B|e----x---------x------------x--------x---------x--------x-------0-------0------2||B----x---------x------------x--------1---------1--------2-------0-------0------2||G----2---------0------------5--------2---------0--------3-------1-------2------4||D----2---------2------------2--------2---------2--------0-------1-------2------4||A----0---------0------------0--------x---------x--------x-------2-------2------4||E----x---------x------------x--------x---------x--------x-------0-------0------2|
This took me some while to work out, because I think they use shortened chords which give a very different sound to their equivalent full ones. This is the closest I could get, though I’m happy to have input from anyone who suggests better fits! If playing an acoustic guitar, which I’d recommend plucking just the 3 notes mentioned by playing the bottom string with thumb and the two above it with 1st and 2nd finger, except in the chorus where the straight E,A,B should be strummed. If playing on electric guitar, you can do a type of power chord ‘boogie-woogie’ going from A5 to A7n3 to Am using just the G and D strings – which I think is what the lead guitarist does in live version. If you just want to strum as a full chord, you could try substituting A for A5, A7 or Am7 for A7n3 and D or better still DSus2 (open top e string) for D5, but you’ll hear it really doesn’t sound quite the same. *A7(no3rd) is not a text-book chord, it’s one I’ve made up. For those interested in the technicality it has no name as it only features a Root, 5 and 7th, assuming the bass note is the root). It could equally be an Am7th (no 3rd), since it’s impossible to tell whether it’s minor or major without knowing if the 3rd is flatted (minor) or not. End of music theory lesson ;-). On with the music.... Intro Plucked on acoustic, arpeggios (with slightly different bass etc) on electric A5/A7n3/A5/Am/Am/A5 A5/A7n3/A5/Am/Am/A5
A5 A7n3 A5I just got back from the border
Am7 A5 D5 A5And what I saw made me know for sure
A7n3 A5We're out of order
A5 A7n3 A5I had a dream about New Orleans
Am7 A5 D5 A5At Jackson Square I heard their prayer
A7n3 A5Down in New Orleans
EOn the run, there's a life for livin'
A BBut the people there, they just don't care
A5 A7n3 a5Livin' their life like a millionaire
A7n3 a5Down on the border
A5 A7n3 A5You never see me in old Iran
Am7 A5 D5 A5The women there don't know who I am
A7n3 A5In old Iran
A5 A7n3 A5And I never will go to Singapore
Am7 A5 D5 A5The people there will cut your hair
A7n3 A5In Singapore
EOn their streets there's a life of plenty
A BOh but they'll never know about the freedom show
A5 A7n3 A5They’re livin' in darkness years ago
A7n3 A5Down on the border
A5 A7n3 A5They built a wall at the border
Am7 A5 D5 A5Not to keep us out, but to leave no doubt
A7n3 A5They're out of order, hey
EAnd all the people who are trapped within
A BServe to show just how far we'll go
A7n3 A5And how dumb we've been
A5 A7n3 A5At the top life looks so easy
Am7 A5 D5 A5But they'll never know what they'll never know
Am7 A5 D5 A5They're much too busy countin' all their dough
Am7n3 A5From the border
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