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Date: Wed, 24 Jun 1998 13:08:52 -0500
From: Rick Bibb 
Subject: l/lost_and_found/lions.crd

Song title: Lions
Artist: Lost and Found
Music and Lyrics by Michael D. Bridges and George Baum
Submitted by Paul Elliott

   E     A      B     C#m
E  7     5      7      4
B  9     5      7      5
G  9     6      8      6
D  9     7      9      6
A  7     7      9      4
E  x     5      7      x

Intro: E B A B E B A B (one measure of each, quickly)

E          B              A      B
  Oh, them lions they can eat my body, but they
  E              B        A       B       E
  can't  swallow my soul, no, no, no
               B         A        B
  They keep on trying to crash my party, but they
  E              B      A         B
  can't  get control, no, no,

  E  B   A B           E  B   A B
  No way baby, uh, uh, no way baby, uh, uh
 (No   No-No   No No-No No No-No    No No-No)

Verse 1:
C#m     B             A       E
  Satan prowls like a roaring lion
C#m	     B      A    E
  Seeking who he will devour
C#m        B            A        E
  Though I know that he keeps on trying
C#m       B         A      B            E
  He's no match for Jesus' power, baby


Verse 2:
  Even demons believe and tremble
  But they try to ruin our lives the same
  Though I know that when the saints assemble
  Satan runs at every sign of Jesus' name, oh baby


Verse 3:
  Looking up to heaven in the morning
  Looking into scriptures at night
  I know someone's sending me a warning
  But I know that Jesus'll make it right, baby

This is taken from Speedwood, the Lost and Found live album.
To find out more about Lost and found check out their web
site at www.speedwood.com or e-mail hengh@aol.com.

Paul Elliott
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