Lost And Found – Lions tab

Intro: E B A B E B A B (one measure of each, quickly)

E          B              A      B
  Oh, them lions they can eat my body, but they
  E              B        A       B       E
  can't  swallow my soul, no, no, no
               B         A        B
  They keep on trying to crash my party, but they
  E              B      A         B
  can't  get control, no, no,

  E  B   A B           E  B   A B
  No way baby, uh, uh, no way baby, uh, uh
 (No   No-No   No No-No No No-No    No No-No)

Verse 1:
C#m     B             A       E
  Satan prowls like a roaring lion
C#m	     B      A    E
  Seeking who he will devour
C#m        B            A        E
  Though I know that he keeps on trying
C#m       B         A      B            E
  He's no match for Jesus' power, baby


Verse 2:
  Even demons believe and tremble
  But they try to ruin our lives the same
  Though I know that when the saints assemble
  Satan runs at every sign of Jesus' name, oh baby


Verse 3:
  Looking up to heaven in the morning
  Looking into scriptures at night
  I know someone's sending me a warning
  But I know that Jesus'll make it right, baby

Paul Elliott
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