Lotus – Sid tab

Riff 1e------------------------------------|b------------------------------------|G---5---------------5------5-6-7-----|D--7---4-5--4-5-6--7---4-5-----------|A------------------------------------|E------------------------------------|
Riff 2e--------------------------------------|b----------------------5---------------|G--7--5-7\9-8p7----7--5----------------|D----7---------7-----7---4-5-6-7-------|A--------------------------------------|E--------------------------------------|
There is the walk up and Luke is playing some nasty rhythm part which I don't to tab right now. I just laid this out really simple, but there is a lot more going on like some parts in between etc.... This is a version from a show in 2007 and Chuck was coming through a little heavy (not a thing) but the exact notes Mike was playing weren't crystal clear.
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