Lotus – Colorado tab

Colorado by Lotus
Time Signature- 4/4
Moderately Slow Pace

e |-------------------|-----------------------|------------|-------------------|b |-------------------|-----------------------|------------|-------------------|g |-------------------|-----------------------|------------|-------------------|d |----0h2p0--------0-|----0h2p0--------0h2p0-|------------|----0h2p0--------0-|a |-0---------0--2----|-0---------0--2--------|-0----------|-0---------0--2----|e |-------------------|-----------------------|------------|-------------------|
e |-----------------------|b |-----------------------|g |-----------------------|d |--------2--2/4/2--2--0-|a |-0h2p0-----------------|e |-----------------------|
-this is the intro to the song but it also play's throughout much of the song behind the lead guitar -this is my first tab, it's pretty simple, i think it sounds descent -i found holding onto notes for longer adds a lot when playing it because it's so simple -this is an awesome song, hope someone can tab out the lead guitar because it would be cool to play
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