Luminate - Come Home chords

Luminate: "Come Home"

I did not figure these out by myself. I got them from the bands website.


C         Am7    F

Oh Oh, Oh Oh

C         Am7    F

Oh Oh, Oh Oh

 Verse 1

C                                           Am7           F

You're best friends with the word regret


You're afraid that your life's been wasted

C                           Am7                           F

So why hope if it's only gonna let you down

C                             Am7                      F

You don't think people really change


That your a mess and you'll always be the same

C                                Am7                         F

And you doubt if you'll ever get it turned around


                                             C                                    G

So (I know) you've been running, searching for something

                   Am                                          F

But you're looking in a place you don't belong

                  C                      Em7 

It's never too late, you can't outrun grace

         Am                                               F

No, Mercy doesn't care what you've done

                   C               Am7          F            

So Come Home (Oh Oh, Oh Oh) 

                   C               Am7          F       

So Come Home (Oh Oh, Oh Oh)

 Verse 2

C                              Am7                      F

You can try to fix your broken empire


And put bricks on a cracked foundation

C                              Am7                           F   G

But you'd be building castles on the sand

C                             Am7                     F

There's power in the blood of Jesus


Your Father's screaming just come home

C                  Am7            F      

He's reaching out his hands


Dm  Am7  G (2x)

Dm                 F                                      

From the shadows, From the wrong roads


From the darkness, From the unknown

Dm                   Am

To redemption, Something beautiful


To a new love, to new Home
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