Luminate - Stay With Me chords

Stay With Me    Luminate
Intro: G D C (X2)Verse 1
Em I never thought that life could hit me in the face like this
G D I never thought that I’d betray You, with just one kiss
Em My secrets move in like an army to invade my mind
G D My walls they shake, defenses break, this happens all the time
Prechorus 1
C Em These walls are closing in, feels like I’ll never win
D Breaking up, I’m breaking down; but You say
G D CStay with me, don’t come undone (I know the road is tough, this love will be enough)
G (Em for ending) D CStay with me, cause we are one (I know we’re meant to be, this is our destiny)
Verse 2 (Before going in play ‘Em’)
Em I find it easy to believe when I’ve got all I need
G D I take the credit for the debt that you paid for me
Em But in the money and the power lies a creeping death
G D Cause when it fades, stripped away, now what’s left
Prechorus 2
C Em I’m just a broken mess, I’m filled with bitterness
D Am I’m breaking up I’m breaking down; still You say
G D Em D G D Em DEven when I fall, Your love catches all; even when I fall, Your love covers all, all of me
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