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Date: Sat, 18 Nov 1995 22:05:16 -0800
From: (Scott, Mari & Brian )
Subject: Tab: Baby Talk - Lush

                         "Baby Talk"
                    Written by Miki Berenyi
                    Transcribed by Brian Ebbitt

/= slide to fret

Bass Intro

Verse:(Played with a slide) B Ee--7/12--------|b--7/12--------|g--7/12--------|d--7/12--------|a--7/12--------|E--7/12--------|
B E Swallowed her down, she's inside me B E She's struggling now, she can't break free B E And my eyes are closed, my lips are sealed B E She can't escape but I can feel
Chorus(sort of): E A# F#e-12/18\12/18\14\12----------|b-12/18\12/18\14\12----------|g-12/18\12/18\14\12----------|d-12/18\12/18\14\12----------|a-12/18\12/18\14\12----------|E-12/18\12/18\14\12----------|
E A# E A#Kicks in meKicks in me(Lead)e12--13--14--15--16--17--18--19-|b12--13--14--15--16--17--18--19-|g12--13--14--15--16--17--18--19-|d12--13--14--15--16--17--18--19-|a12--13--14--15--16--17--18--19-|E12--13--14--15--16--17--18--19-|
VerseII: (Same as first verse) Climbing my spine, she's inside me Wants to escape, wants to breathe And I wish I could tell you what she feels And I wish I could hear when she speaks Chorus: In my sleep In my dreams Another "Lead" this time run up and down the neck of the guitar with slide. Don't even ask me to figure it out!
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